“Genesis Process” -Here’s what they say about it!

I cannot say enough good about the Genesis Process for Change Therapy. It is so life changing and it brings such a depth of healing to those who commit to the weeks of process change. But instead of hearing it from me I asked 5 of the ladies in my last group to share their thoughts about “The Genesis Process”


What was/is your favorite thing about Genesis?

“I learned to open up and truly be myself.”

“Learning about each other and forming relationships.”

“I learned that not everything is my fault.”

“That everyone goes through situations, and we are not alone.”

“We can work together to solve problems.”


Where do you feel like you were healed the most during the process?

“Letting go of my past and stop dwelling on it.”

“I can be more open with people.”

“I can stop isolating myself”

“I learned to let go of my grudges.”

“I learned to let God take control of my life.”


What have you learned about yourself through Genesis?

“I learned to stop bullying myself.”

“I have been very hard on myself.”

“To ask for help is not a negative things but a sign of strength.”

“I learned why I do some of the things I don’t want to do.”

“I leaned how judgmental I was.”


What will you continue to work on now that Genesis is over?

“I will talk myself out of negativity.”

“My walk with God”

“I will keep praying for my family and my marriage!”

“I will not shut myself in away from people.”

“I will stay close to God”

“I will keep God first in my life in all areas”


What will you miss most about Genesis Class now that it is over?

“Having adult conversation!”


“Being with other ladies, the weekly fellowship.”

“The discussions”

“Having someone I can express myself to knowing they understand.”


“The Genesis Process brings about necessary understanding and practical tools for real and permanent change. It is a blend of biblical principles, understanding the brain, and proven recovery strategies for not only freedom from self-destructive behaviors, but also addressing the underlying issues that drive them.”

You can experience personal growth and healing through understanding what’s been missing or wounded in your life and how it has affected you and your relationships, including your relationship with God!

If you are ready for change…

The next “Genesis” awaits you! Sign up for the next class!


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