The Genesis Process program is an outpatient Counseling program that blends sound biblical principles, and an understanding of the neurochemistry of the brain,  into an effective road map to help facilitate positive change. It is a twenty-week Process to focus on healing the wounds from family and relational issues that drive […]

Genesis Process

  Perfectionists are “all or nothing” kind of people.  Perfectionists define their worth by their accomplishments. Perfectionists hate feedback. Where does “Perfectionism” come from? Maybe….   You had hyper-critical or demanding parents. Your parents/teachers were quick to point out your mistakes; slow to give credit. You had parents or other […]

The dark side of Perfectionism

  No special announcements before this round…ding* ding*…. Everyone to your corners!  🙂     Both sides get the chance to talk. No interruptions. Lay down the defenses so you can hear what the other one is saying. Don’t over-react. Don’t over exaggerate the issue. Just stick to the facts. […]

A few rules -to fighting fair!

The Bible teaches the ideal relationship scenario. (Gen 1:27-28, Gen 2:22-24, Proverbs 18:22, Eph 5:22-33, Matt 19:4-6) One Husband. One Wife. As many Children as you desire.  Our American culture has accepted, promoted, glorified and even legalized  many relationship ideology’s that are in most cases, absolutely unbiblical. The ideal relationship that God designed and […]

Why Counseling can be so Complicated

Every tear you’ve shed Every time you’ve been bruised by hard words of another Every time you’ve taken the heat for a situation you did not cause Every time you’ve prayed for an answer Every time you’ve been hurt by a close friend or relationship Every sad event you’ve had to withstand Every burden you have willfully carried Every time you’ve cried yourself to […]

Does God Know?

A part of being a Keeper of the Home is protecting your family.        (Proverbs 31:27) You stand at the door of your home and keep out bad things and bad people. But hopefully you also keep out bad influences and as much negativity as possible. Its challenging. […]

Negativity: How to Get Up & Stay Up!

  Life can present us with challenges and decisions that are not easy to make on our own. But, God focused people pray about everything. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Prov 3:6 But in times of uncertainty even after we have prayed… one […]

Spiritual Advice: Where do you go?

  The first step to getting started is to simply contact me! Your first consultation call is FREE and absolutely confidential! The second step is to coordinate a weekly or bi-weekly meeting time. I am available for phone consults, however, it’s been my preference to meet in person when possible. Payment for […]

How to get started!

Many many people have had to reach out for counseling at least once in their lifetime. Some, more than a few. It can be a scary thing to try and decide who to reach out to especially in a world where finding someone to trust is hard. Finding a Counselor can […]

Finding a Christian Counselor

The cross is both vertical and horizontal. Vertically, we connect to God. Horizontally, we connect with people. We must realize that our relationship with God (the vertical) directly affects our relationship with people (horizontal). Vertical and horizontal relationships are both critical and necessary. God is in heaven and we are […]

Vertical and Horizontal Relationships

Stress. Disappointment. Disagreements. Heavy work schedule. Busy calendars. Plans that failed. Kids that won’t mind. A spouse that doesn’t understand. And as the day wears on the angrier you become. -the grouchier you get Perhaps you are not really angry AT anyone. But before the day is over you are mad […]

Anger: Does the Whole World have to know?