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  Emotional Abuse is on the rise. And in many cases it is worse than physical abuse. It can happen instantaneous or be carried out for years. Both children and adults suffer at the hands of emotional abuse. ​”I wanted to be loved so badly, I ignored his mean side. I […]

Are you a Victim of Emotional Abuse?

I grew up in a small community. In lots of ways it can be safe and rewarding. My friends and I could play outside way after dark, and ride our bicycles all over town without any worries. I’m still a small town girl. I still live in a small community. […]

The Talk of the Town

  When the devil wants to attack a church he usually goes right to the Leadership. If he can bring down or wear out a good godly man or woman, he will. Don’t let this come as a shock to you, but Christian Leaders, Pastors, and Educators often struggle with […]

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